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What's New v4.0 Update 2

iCIS v4.00 Update 2 contains the following new functionality:

Entity version

iCore entities now have a version number which corresponds to the iCore release in which the entity type was introduced or modified. The purpose of the version number is to make it easier to handle any compatibility issues that may occur when importing/exporting entities between systems running different versions of iCore.

The user will be notified of entity versions in the following ways:

  • When importing an IEO file which contains entities with a higher version then the current iCore installation, a notification will be shown and the operation will proceed with the import of the compatible entities only. The incompatible entities are automatically excluded, including any references to them.
  • A warning is also shown during export of entities that are incompatible with an earlier version under the same RTM.
  • During the iCore installation procedure, a notice is shown in the setup dialog containing information about modified or new entities, also providing the user with the option to cancel the installation.
  • When upgrading an iCore system, a warning is shown about the installation containing new or modified entities giving the possibility to cancel the system upgrade.

For more information, see entity versions.

Restart Application pools

It is now possible to restart Application pools manually via the Administrator GUI or a PowerShell cmdlet. In previous versions of iCIS, whenever a Component definition was modified and recompiled, the iCore system had to be restarted for the changes to take effect. You can now use the restart Application pools command instead, thereby reducing the downtime associated with a system restart.

During an Application pool restart, all Servers are instructed to retire any currently running Worker hosts and start new Worker hosts for the latest compiled Component definitions. During this process, new Jobs will be started in the new Worker hosts, using the new Component definitions (as long as there are slots available), while the currently running Jobs are still running. Once all the Jobs in a retired Worker host are complete, the Worker host will terminate.

For more information, see

Web Administrator

A new command, Create Timer Events, has been added to the Web Administrator GUI. The user can now manually Create Timer Events for a selected Timer. Events can be created even if the Timer is not Active.

iCore Identity Server

The iCore Identity Server is now available as a preview version. It is a token based authentication service, which initially focuses on securing Web APIs. The Identity Server is built on the IdentityServer4 framework for ASP.NET Core, an established middleware that implements the OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 protocol.

For more information, see Web API security guidelines.

To obtain the software, contact iCore.