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Backwards Compatibility

This topic contains information about changes in the product that are important to consider when upgrading from iCore Integration Suite v4.0.

iCIS v4.1 Update 5 SP 5

Web service client

Due to the added property Enable schema generation (see Web service client), entity version has been increased. Web service clients exported from this version cannot be imported in earlier releases.

For more information, see Entity versions.

iCIS v4.1 Update 5

PowerShell cmdlets

The -Force parameter of the Stop-iCoreSystem cmdlet is now a Switch type instead of a Boolean, which means the cmdlet no longer accepts a value.

  • If you previously used "Stop-iCoreSystem -Force 1" you should now use "Stop-iCoreSystem -Force".
  • If you want to specify it as a parameter, you can use "Stop-iCoreSystem -Force:$true" or "Stop-iCoreSystem -Force:$false".

iCIS v4.1 Update 4

User group permissions

User groups that have the right to "Read Node data" or "Edit Node data" cannot be exported to an iCore system of earlier version.

iCIS v4.1 Update 3 SP 4

iCore Public API

There is a breaking change in the enum iCore.Public.Types.RestrictedOperationGrant. The enum no longer contains a field for each combination of restricted permissions, but instead has [Flags] attribute defined and different options have to be combined manually to get the same result as before.

Previous valueReplaced with

iCIS v4.1 Update 3

User group permissions

When a User group is exported to an older system, permission category "Read" is translated to "List" and "Show". If you import a User group from an older system, "List" and "Show" are translated to "Read".

This translation process can have the following effect: If a User group created in an older system, with only one of "List" and "Show” selected, is imported in a new system and then exported back again, it will have both "List" and "Show" selected.

New properties on IUser interface

The new IUser properties (RestrictedOperations, IsDisabled, PasswordNeverExpires, IsPasswordChangeRequired) should not be used from Component definitions (for example Workflows or Adapterflows). Component definitions that use these properties cannot be imported to or compiled in iCore systems running earlier versions of iCIS. 

iCIS v4.1 Update 2

iCore API Web Service

This feature is deprecated and will be removed in next major release.