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What's New v4.1 Update 5

iCIS v4.1 Update 5 contains the following new functionality:


Manage access to iCore tools based on User roles

The iCore.Administrator.Configuration module now contains cmdlets which let you control which iCore tools a specific site user role has access to in the Administrator interface.  

Each tool in the list below can be either included or excluded:

  • Local settings
  • Export
  • Import
  • Create new system
  • Upgrade system
  • PowerShell Console
  • Run component tool
  • Script Code Generation tool

When upgrading an existing Administrator site, all tools except Script Code Generation tool are included for all existing User roles. When installing a new site, all tools are hidden by default.

For more information, see Manage access to iCore tools based on user roles.

Compiling Scripts

It is now possible to compile/build Scripts with dependencies directly from the Administrator GUI (this option was previously only available in the Developer tool).

  • "Compile with derived" – builds the selected Script and all Scripts that are based on it.
  • "Compile with dependencies" – builds the selected Script, and all Scripts with a dependency to it.

For more information, see Creating and editing integration flows and Building Scripts.

Authentication with Open ID Connect

It is now possible to configure an Administrator site to use external Open ID Connect (OIDC) providers (such as Azure AD) to authenticate users. See Create the site with PowerShell script and Configuring an Open ID Connect provider.

Customize the path of Administrator configuration files

You can now use new cmdlets to customize the path of certain configuration files, which can be useful if you want to simplify configuration in a scenario where the Administrator is running on multiple servers.

The path of the following files can be customized:

  • admin.confg
  • admin.provider.config

By default, these files are located in the Sites folder.

Import-export tool

The Open file dialog now contains an address field for entering the UNC (Universal Naming Convention) path to the import source file. For more information, see Importing from a file.


New and modified cmdlets in the Administrator.Configuration module provide options to set the start page in the Administrator tool.

  • The cmdlet New-iCoreWebAdminRole now has the parameter StartPageDashboardUrl.
  • The new cmdlet Set-iCoreWebAdminStartPage is used to set the StartPageDashboardUrl.

Web APIs

Web APIs now supports XML-based documentation from REST web service API definition. The XML documentation is added above any definition in a Web API and is then visible in the Swagger UI. For more information, see Creating a Web API.