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What's new - iCIS On-Prem v4.3.0

This topic provides an overview of the more significant changes in the "on-premise" release of iCore Integration Suite v4.3.0.


Modern authentication in mail clients using Office365

As a response to changes regarding authentication requirements in Exchange Online in Office365, it is now possible to use a type of modern authentication as an alternative to basic authentication in mail clients. Before you can use this feature, you need to configure the required application permissions in AzureAD.

For more information, see

The new authentication requirements affect the following activities / objects:

Deprecated functionality

The following functionality is deprecated and will be removed in future releases:

  • Adapterflow activities
    • DB2 activities. Note however that DB2 iSeries activities are NOT deprecated.
    • TIBCO EMS activities
  • Database
    • Support for MS SQL Server 2012 is deprecated. The next release of iCore Integration Suite will require SQL Server 2016 or later.