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Version: 4.5.0

iCore Integration Suite

iCore Integration Suite (iCIS) is a product suite which enables flexible, efficient integration with external business partners as well as between internal business applications. It offers robust solutions that are secure, format independent and easy to monitor.

Solutions built in iCIS are scalable and allow you to start small and grow step by step. Its event-driven architecture enables quick and "loosely coupled" integration with a large number of ERP systems and other applications.

iCIS is a powerful toolkit for configuring customer-unique information flows. It contains a large number of packaged, configurable ERP, application and technology accelerators for creating and managing services – whether invoked as Web services or through other interfaces.


Dynamic architecture

iCIS is a modular system that promotes SOA and event-driven architectures. The run-time environment – iCore Process Server – is fault redundant and scalable. It supports clustering and use of multiple CPUs. iCore Process Server allows simple and efficient communication with surrounding systems as well as between in-house applications. It is the fundamental component of a carefree digital business communication, easy to supervise and independent of format. iCore Process Server, is the engine in what is called "e-business".

  • Integration components are created with various editors and designers (Adapterflow Wizard, Developer, Workflow Designer and Web API editor).
  • iCore Administrator is the monitoring and administration module, where you monitor the information flows going through the system.
  • iCore Accelerators are packaged, wizard-driven configurators that help you build time and cost effective interfaces between external or internal applications/partners.

iCIS utilizes a sophisticated event and activity control. Business processes and logic are described by connecting a series of events and activities in information flows, which may be given different priorities. When a flow is configured and put in production, iCIS is in full control of what to do and when. iCIS coordinates and performs multi-application integration and process automation.

iCIS is designed for industrial reuse and a low Total Cost of Ownership, with user-friendly administration, support and version handling. The modular architecture of iCIS allows you to start small and extend your solution when your organization and budget is ready for it.

Integration design

iCIS lets you configure information flows between Partners. A Partner can be a business partner, for example a customer or a supplier, or it may be an application, such as an ERP system, CRM system or a web shop. For iCIS it makes no difference, it only needs to know what information is going where and what needs to be done with it along the way.

iCIS provides wizard-driven configuration and graphical development tools for more advanced interaction logic. All tools have been designed for time-effective, robust and reusable integration development that do not require traditional coding. iCIS contains a library with integration and process scenarios, shortcuts and templates, all of which are included in the license price. The product suite is designed to require a minimum of administration.

Solutions may be centrally administered, for example for monitoring and upgrade. Speed and performance are hardware dependent and, if desired, the solution may be amplified by adding more CPU power.

Powerful track & trace

One of the major strengths in iCIS is the cutting-edge traceability functions that are included in all solutions. This is particularly useful to get fully traceable information trails that stand up to any audit. It also helps securing critical information flows between systems. The traceability features comprehend detailed logging, track & trace and alarm functions, which may all be adapted to suit your needs.

All types of events and activities can be logged. You may choose between different levels of log detail. The software may be configured to immediately detect errors in an information flow and the flow may be restarted from the exact point where it failed – avoiding the risk of lost or duplicate information. The alarm functionality may be configured to notify user(s) of errors or non-events via e-mail, text message or any other preferred channel.

Secure data transfer

iCore Integration Suite enables secure transfer of data from one system to another within as well as outside your organization. It supports a number of different communication protocols, for example FTP, FTPS and SFTP. There are packaged accelerators for sending files via SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS and Web Services and message transport mechanisms for browsing or creating Microsoft Message Queues (MSMQ) or WebSphere Message Queues (WSMQ).