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Version: 4.5.0

Import and Export

Import and export is available for most Definition and Configuration entities, as well as for some iCore system settings. Import and export is a convenient way to share integration assets between a Development, Test and Production system.

You can export to a file (.ieo-file) or directly to a destination system. When exporting to a file, there is also a encryption option available.

Import and export can be performed in three ways, depending on your needs.

Old .ieo files

The import and export tools has full backwards compatibility for .ieo files created from version 2.84 or later. Old .ieo files are managed in exactly the same way as new ones.

When importing files that were exported from an iCore system of earlier version, where the dates and times were stored in local time, you need to provide the time zone of the dates and times stored in this file to facilitate the conversion to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The requested time zone is usually the time zone of the computer on which the source iCore system was running. For more information, see Working with dates and times

Import-Export Tool

The Import-Export tool is the main tool for importing and exporting entities to or from an iCore system. This tool is for manual import and export of entities and settings.


The Import-Export tool is started from the Tools menu in iCore Administrator.

Import and export automation

For automation of import, the Batch import feature is available for use with PowerShell. To automate export, use iCore PowerShell cmdlets.


If you only want to export a small number of entities, it is possible to export directly from the Administrator tool using Direct exports via context menu.

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