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Version: 4.5.0

Tools overview

iCore Integration Suite contains the following tools:

Adapterflow WizardCreate and edit Adapterflows through a number of simple steps. The Adapterflow Wizard is accessed via the Administrator tool.
AdministratorLets you monitor and administer your iCore systems and integration solutions through a web browser. For installation information, see Installing the Administrator.
Build Component toolCompile Component definitions directly from the Command Prompt.
DeveloperA Script-based development tool that lets you implement advanced integration logic.
Script Code Generation ToolA tool that lets you speed up Script development by automatically generating Script code based on a number of code generator definitions.
Run Component toolLets you execute a Component definition – a definition of a Script, an Adapterflow or a Workflow – on an iCore machine without interfering with the running iCore system.
Import Export toolImport and export entities to and from an iCore system.
Workflow DesignerCreate and edit Component definitions of type Workflow.
Web API EditorAn editor used to create and edit Web APIs.
Upgrade Readiness ToolChecks your computer (as well as your current iCore installation and any attached system(s)) for known issues that may prevent a successful upgrade to iCore Integration Suite v3.xx.
PowerShell consoleLets you use PowerShell cmdlets to manage certain functions in iCore.