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Version: 4.5.0

Workflows and iCore public types

Types used in activities

There are numerous activities to create, access and manipulate iCore public types. All types defined by iCore that are used as input and/or output to an activity are declared as a public type. Some activities return instances of public iCore types and some require instances as input.

All other types are either defined by Microsoft or by a third-party software.

Variables and arguments

It is possible to create an instance of a type or access an instance of an entity (Nodes, Partners, etc.) using VB code snippets, either in variable initialization or as input into an activity argument.

Since it is not possible to create an instance of an interface (interfaces must be implemented by classes) we supply a factory class, Context. This is a static class with methods to create instances of public iCore types.


Not all iCore public types can be created through the factory class; some types are only available through activities.

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