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Version: 4.5.0

iCore.Public.AS2 Namespace

The iCore.Public.AS2 namespace contains types used when working with AS2.


AS2CommunicationExceptionException indicating that an error occurred during sending of AS2 data.
AS2ExceptionException indicating that an error occurred in AS2.
AS2LoadErrorCodesContains error codes that are published by Code.
AS2LoadExceptionException indicating that an error occurred during loading of AS2 data.
AS2SpecificationExceptionException indicating that an error occurred due to a violation of the AS2 specification.


IAS2CompressionRepresents an AS2 compression options.
IAS2EncryptionRepresents AS2 encryption options.
IAS2MDNRepresents an AS2 MDN.
IAS2MDNRequestRepresents an AS2 MDN Request.
IAS2MessageRepresents an AS2 Message.
IAS2MessageConfigurationRepresents an AS2 Message Configuration.
IAS2MessageErrorRepresents an AS2 Message Error.
IAS2PayloadRepresents a payload for an AS2 message.
IAS2SignatureRepresents AS2 signature options.


AS2ActionModeSpecifies how an MDN was created.
AS2CharsetModeSpecifies how charset is defined.
AS2CompressionEncodingData encoding of compression.
AS2DataEncodingData encoding.
AS2DataTransferEncodingData transfer encoding.
AS2DigestAlgorithmDigest algorithm.
AS2DispositionModifierDisposition modifier.
AS2EDIINTFeaturesEDIINT Features header.
AS2EncryptionAlgorithmEncryption algorithm to use.
AS2HeaderEncodingEncoding of header data.
AS2SendModeSpecifies how an MDN was sent.
AS2SignatureProtocolSignature protocol to use when signing.
AS2SignatureTransferEncodingSignature transfer encoding.
AS2VersionSpecifies version of AS2 message or MDN.