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Version: 4.5.0

iCore.Public.Crypto.X509Certificates Namespace

The iCore.Public.Crypto.X509Certificates namespace contains types related to X509 certificates.


CertificateClass for creating ICertificate objects.
CertificateMemoryStoreClass for creating ICertificateMemoryStore objects.
CertificateSystemStoreClass for creating ICertificateSystemStore objects.
CertificateValidationConfigurationDefines configuration options for the validation of X509 certificates.


ICertificateRepresents an X.509 certificate.
ICertificateMemoryStoreRepresents an in-memory X.509 certificate store.
ICertificateStoreRepresents an X.509 store, which is a collection of certificates that may represent a windows system store or a temporary in-memory store.
ICertificateSystemStoreRepresents a windows X.509 certificate system store.
ICertificateValidationConfigurationDefines configuration options for the validation of X509 certificates.


CertificateStoreLocationSpecifies a system certificate store location.
CertificateValidationErrorSuppressionSpecifies how certificates are to be validated. Multiple options from this enum can be combined.
CertificateValidationOptionsDefines values that can be combined to indicate how the certificate validation process should occur.
CertificateValidationRevocationCheckPreferenceSpecifies the preferred method for certificate revocation verification.