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Version: 4.5.0

iCore.Public.Ftp Namespace

The iCore.Public.Ftp namespace contains types related to FTP(S) and SFTP.


FtpExceptionException indicating that an error occurred during an FTP operation.
SftpExceptionException indicating that an error occurred during an SFTP operation.


IFileTransferConnectionRepresents the connection to an FTP(S) or SFTP server.
IFileTransferConnectionConfigurationRepresents configuration information for use when connecting to an SFTP/FTP server.
IFtpFileEntryInfoRepresents a file entry received from an FTP server directory listing.


FileTransferFilterOptionContains constants determining how filter is used when listing a directory.
FtpAuthorizationCommandDefines the constants used to specify the authorization command to be sent to server to request an explicit SSL session.
FtpFileEntryTypeSpecifies the file type represented by an IFtpFileEntryInfo instance.
FtpListMethodThe list command sent to the server.
FtpSslModeContains constants determining the SSL mode to use for FTPS connections.
FtpStoreModeContains constants determining the overwrite mode to use when transferring files to an FTP(S) server.
FtpTransferModeSpecifies how data is to be transferred.
HttpProxyAuthenticationDefines Http proxy authentications.
SftpServerValidationContains constants to determine the type of server validation for an SFTP server connection.
SftpTransferTypeSpecifies how data is to be transferred on an SFTP connection.
SftpVersionSpecifies an SFTP version or combination thereof.
SocksVersionSpecifies a Socks version.