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Version: 4.5.0

iCore.Public.Types Namespace

The iCore.Public.Types namespace contains common types used throughout the iCPS Public API.


DiagnosticInfoRepresents a single diagnostic resulting from an operation.
AlreadyInProgressExceptionException thrown to indicate that an operation could not be completed because it (or another operation) is already in progress preventing it.
ApiErrorMessageExceptionThe exception that is thrown when an error is received from the iCoreAPI.
CommunicationExceptionThe exception that is thrown when a network communication exception occurs. This class is also a base class for more specific exceptions thrown upon certain errors.
ConditionalErrorExceptionThe exception thrown when one or more required properties of an entity was not specified when adding or updating it.
EntityDependencyExceptionThrown to indicate that the operation failed because of a dependency between entities, such as the failure to delete a partner while it is being used by an event configuration.
EntityNotFoundExceptionIndicates that the requested entity could not be found in the current system.
EntityUpdateFailedExceptionThe exception thrown when an entity update operation fails.
IllegalClrNameExceptionException throw indicating the the CLR-name specified for an entity is not valid.
MissingFilterParameterExceptionIndicates that a parameter needed for executing a Filter was not supplied.
NotFoundExceptionException indicating that the requested object could not be found.
StringLengthErrorExceptionException thrown to indicate that the requirements of the length of a string property are not met.
UniqueConstraintConflictExceptionBase class for exceptions indicating that the operation caused a violation of a unique constraint.
UniqueValueAddConflictExceptionIndicates that adding the specified item would violate a unique constraint.
UniqueValueUpdateConflictExceptionIndicates the update operation of the specified item would violate a unique constraint.
ValidationErrorExceptionBase class for exceptions indicating a validation error.
ValidationExceptionException indicating a problem that occurred during validation of an entity.
ValueOutOfRangeErrorExceptionException indicating that one of the specified values was out of range.


IEntityKeyiCore entity key interface (public). An iCore entity instance has a globally unique key consisting of an id and its entity type.
IComponentExecutionResultHolds the result of a spawned workflow.
IProvidesImplementationThis interface is intended for internal use only.
ITrackingCleanupSessionReportContains information about the execution of a tracking clean-up session.
ITrackingCleanupExecutionReportObsolete interface containing properties that are now moved to ITrackingCleanupSessionReport. This interface will be removed in a future version of iCore.


AuthenticationModeAuthentication mode for using in REST web service clients.
BOMTypesThe code pages which support BOM.
DiagnosticInfoSeverityRepresents a diagnostic severity.
EventPrioritySpecifies the event priority
ExcelFileFormatThe format of the Excel file.
ExistingNodeAttributeTypeOptionOptions for when an attribute exist on a node
FileFormatThe format of the output.
FileSortCategorySpecifies category used for sort of retrieved files.
FileSortOrderSpecifies sort order of retrieved files
InitDataFormatOptionsSpecifies the format of the initialization data in Init data argument for iCore API interaction functionality.
iCoreAPIResponseOptionsSpecifies the type of response to send back to iCore API.
JobLifetimeSpecifies how the service should treat jobs with regards to their lifetime.
KindOfEventThe type of event, iCore Event.

Contains constants defining the destination log.


| LogLevel | iCore Log entry log levels. | | MsmqMessageIdMatchMode | Specifies how to match an MSMQ message id. | | MsmqReadMode | Specifies the method to use when retrieving messages from an MSMQ message queue. | | NonExistingNodeAttributeTypeOption | Options for when an attribute does not exist on a node | | ScriptVarType | Basic types available in iCore Scripts. | | ServerPartType | Represents a server part type. | | StringLengthFormat | The format in witch the length of the string is defined. | | StringPrefixType | The type of the prefix used in length-prefixed string. | | WatchOperationType | File operations that FilesystemListenerActivity can monitor. | | WebServiceClientType | Specifies the web service type. | | ZipEncryption | Options for encryption when creating zip files. | | ExecutionResultStatus | Status of the component execution result. | | TrackingCleanupCompletionState | Specifies the reason as to why a tracking session was terminated. |