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Version: 4.5.0

The iCIS integration concept

iCore Integration Suite (iCIS) offers a flexible and adaptable approach to integration that aligns with both traditional and contemporary architectural patterns. While the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has been a cornerstone of integration in the past, iCIS seamlessly incorporates newer integration paradigms like API-layered integration.

Key Features of Integration with iCIS:

  • Modularity and flexibility: Whether you are leveraging SOA's loose coupling or the granularity of API-layered integration, iCIS supports free-standing, independent components that can be combined as needed.
  • Communication diversity: iCIS supports (XML)-based communication, as well as message-based and API-based interactions, ensuring broader interoperability and flexibility.
  • Location independence: The physical location of services and components remains unimportant, allowing for distributed and cloud-based architectures.
  • Business-centric services: Reflecting logical business activities, services can be created, modified, and added without disrupting existing implementations. This ensures agility and responsiveness to changing business needs.
  • Legacy system integration: iCIS encapsulates and integrates with legacy systems, ensuring that the value of existing investments is not only preserved but potentially enhanced.
  • Collaborative platform: iCIS serves as a bridge between technology and business departments, fostering collaboration and alignment towards shared enterprise goals.

Implementing modern integration with iCIS

Integration success is achieved through a strategic and incremental approach. With iCIS, you can:

  • Design flexible integration flows: Configure integration flows using a generic XML-format or API-based interactions between the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and the target application. This flexibility promotes component reuse and adaptability.
  • Simplify with composite services: Reduce complexity and transaction traffic by designing composite services that aggregate multiple functionalities.
  • Test in real-world scenarios: iCIS offers a parallel test environment, allowing you to validate new and modified integration flows with real-life data before deploying to production.
  • Choose your ESB: Whether you're working with one of the industry giants, or considering our cost-effective iCore Process Server, iCIS ensures compatibility. And if your preferences evolve, easily transition your integrations to another ESB at your convenience.