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Version: 4.2.5

Imported assembly


Modifying this entity requires certain user authorization. For more information, see User Groups.

An Imported assembly is a third-party .NET library which can be referenced from Web APIs and Workflows.

Imported assemblies is the recommended way to refer to third-party .NET assemblies. Using Imported assemblies ensures that the executing Web API or Workflow gets the correct version of the assembly. Also, it eliminates the need to manually deploy the assembly on machines where the system is run. When a Web API is exported, all references to Imported assemblies will be included in the export as well.


An Imported Assembly may depend on other assemblies, and these assemblies must also be added to the system.


IDGuidThe entity ID of the Imported assembly. Automatically generated by the system.
NameStringName of the Imported assembly.
Full assembly nameAssemblyNameThe full name of the Imported assembly.
Assembly versionVersionVersion of the Imported assembly.
File last modification timeDateTimeDate and time when the file, that the assembly was imported from, was last modified.
Imported timeDateTimeDate and time at which the assembly was imported in the system.
CreatedDateTimeDate and time when the Imported assembly was created. Automatically generated by the system.
ModifiedDateTimeDate and time of the latest modification of the Imported assembly. Automatically generated by the system.
DescriptionStringBrief description of the Imported assembly.


When you use Imported assemblies, note the following:

  • .NET framework 4.8 assemblies supporting .NET Standard version 2.0 (and earlier) are supported. For more information on which .NET implementations that supports which version of .NET Standard, see Microsoft's documentation on .NET Standard

  • Only strong-named assemblies are supported. For more information, refer to Microsoft's documentation about strong-named assemblies.

  • The maximum size of the imported assembly is set to 25 Mb by default. If your assembly file is larger than 25 Mb, you need to update the Web.config file (located in the server's root folder) as follows:

When updating an Imported assembly, consider the following:

  • An Imported assembly cannot be updated with an assembly with a different assembly name. An assembly name consists of: name, version and public key token.
  • Avoid updating an Imported assembly that is referenced from a Workflow when types that are used in the Workflow have been removed or renamed.

In situations when an external assembly reference has been used to get access to custom activities or functions, it is often desirable to switch to using the same assembly as an Imported assembly. For instructions on how to replace the references in a Workflow, see Managing assembly references. Performing the same process for a Web API is more straightforward, and is only a matter of replacing one with the other.

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