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Version: 4.3.0

Directory structure


Directories in italics are examples only. The names of the system directories correspond with the system IDs.


Additional application config files are stored in %LOCALAPPDATA%. Each application has its own sub-directory (for example, iCore_Solutions_AB) containing its application user.config files.

Directories under Program files

Use environment variable %PROGRAMFILES(X86)% to access Program files folder.

BinDirectory for iCore binary files, such as .exe-files, dll-files, .hlp-files etc. For example, this is where you can find the Build Component tool.
ComDirectory for iCore binary files, such as .dll:s, service etc.
ConfigConfiguration directory containing Enterprise Information System adapters.
XML Schemas
PowerShell Examples
PSModuleContains PowerShell modules.
SysTemplateSystem templates for creating a new system.
Web service templatesContains iCore web service templates used to install web services iCoreInvoke and iCoreAPI.
DataContains data directories called Edi, In-house, Node and Scan.
DocMain directory for system documentation. This directory contains documentation, for example, of the Developer module and the Administration Tool.
ScriptImportsSample scripts delivered with the iCore product, for example EDIFACT etc.
TempDirectory for temporary files.
UtilitiesUtilities that are not automatically installed, but can be set up when required, for example Port Monitor.
iCore AdministratorThis folder is only available if you have installed the Administrator .msi.
VersionThe version number of the installed version (for example
PSModulesDirectory for PowerShell modules.
SasProxyContains files used when installing the SAS proxy.
TemplateContains web service template used to install the Administrator site.

Directories under ProgramData

Use environment variable %PROGRAMDATA% to access Program files folder.

iCore Solutions
LocalConfigConfiguration for system(s).
<systemid>System-specific configuration file.
SystemsThe iCore systems created on this machine.
<systemid>Example of an iCore system directory with
subdirectories containing existing data types and scripts.
DataUsed for storage of files associated with a Node. The format of the files stored in Node may vary,
depending on the current type of processing performed.
There must be one Node directory per iCore Runtime Environment System.
NodeContains all Node files for the system.

Directories under AppData

Use environment variable %APPDATA% to access Program files folder.

iCore Solutions
SystemsThe iCore systems created on this machine.
ScriptsContains user defined scripts and ready-made system scripts. There is one Scripts directory per iCore system.
ApplicationContains dlls and source directories (for temporary use).