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Version: 4.3.0

Authentication types

You can use the following authentication types to log on to the Administrator:

  • Forms authentication
  • Windows authentication
  • Open ID Connect authentication

Forms authentication

Pre-defined user accounts are validated and matched with roles. Recommended if the site is hosted publicly.

Windows authentication

The Windows credentials of the user will be used for authentication.

  • Strongly recommended if the Administrator is used in an Intranet.
  • Requires that the server hosting the Administrator site or SAS is located in the same domain as the users.
  • The OS running on the server needs to have the Windows Authentication feature installed.
  • The web client needs to run in an IIS site in the Intranet.
  • The Windows Authentication feature must be enabled in IIS.

Open ID Connect authentication

Lets you use an Open ID Connect provider for authentication.

  • Define which user(s) can login with the provider
  • Supports Azure AD (Active Directory)


Authentication type is set for each Administrator site and can be configured via parameter when the site is installed with PowerShell script or cmdlets. If the authentication type parameter is left out, Forms authentication will be used by default.


To switch authentication type for an installed Administrator site, use the Set-iCoreWebAdminAuthentication cmdlet.

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