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Version: 4.3.0

Set site configuration files Location

The configuration files for the Administrator site are located in the 'Sites' folder in IIS by default. However, it is possible to customize the location of certain configuration files, which can be useful if you want to simplify configuration in a scenario where the Administrator is running on multiple servers. Storing the file in a shared location, and setting the file path to a UNC path means that multiple servers can share the same configuration file. For example, sharing the configuration of type WebAdminConfig between administrator servers, the user management can be shared for those servers.

You can set the location of the following configuration types:

  • AdminConfig - by default the file admin.config in the Sites folder
  • ProviderConfig - by default the file admin.provider.config in the Sites folder

The location of the files are set with PowerShell cmdlets in the Administrator.Configuration module.

To set the path of an Administrator configuration file

Run the PowerShell cmdlet Set-iCoreWebAdminConfigPath with the appropriate parameters.


Set-iCoreWebAdminConfigPath -SiteName 'My iCore Site' `
-Path '\\\shared\config\admin.config' `
-ConfigType 'AdminConfig'

If the iCore Administrator was installed as a web application in an existing site you must also supply the ApplicationName parameter specifying the name of the application.

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