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Version: 4.3.0

Timeouts in Administrator

This topic describes the timeout values that affect the user session for an Administrator user. If any of these timeouts occur, the user data is removed from the server and the user is redirected to the iCore Administrator login page. The timeout values exist in different application layers, listed below.

IIS session timeouts (application pool)

The IIS site or application where the Administrator is deployed uses an application pool.

Idle time-out

The Idle time-out property of the application pool defines the amount of time (in minutes) that an IIS worker process will remain idle before it shuts down. A worker process is idle if it is not processing requests and no new requests are received. The Idle time-out can be found in the Advanced settings of the application pool. The default value of this timer is 20 minutes.

For more information about Idle time-out, see MSDN.

Recycling Regular Timer Interval

The Recycling Regular Timer Interval specifies the amount of time (in minutes) until an application pool recycles. The application pool will be recycled regardless of whether there are current ongoing requests or not. The default value is 1740 minutes.

For more information about the Recycling Regular Timer Interval, see MSDN.

System Access Service timeouts

The System Access Service configuration file ("iCoreSASvc.config") can be found in the following location: %ProgramData%\iCore Solutions\iCPS\SystemAccessService.

Session timeout

The Session timeout value specifies the amount of time session data for an Administrator user (or any System Access Service client) is kept in memory. The timer is reset if the user makes a request within the timeout interval. Including this timeout value in iCoreSASvc.config is optional. If it is missing, the default value (30 minutes) will be used.

To define a custom session timeout, define a sessionTimeout attribute as shown below. The value format is hh:mm:ss (h: hours, m: minutes, s: seconds).

<workerHostManager maxWorkerProcessCount="3" />
<administration sessionTimeout="00:00:20"></administration>

Administrator site/application timeouts

The Administrator config file "Web.config" is located in at the root directory of the IIS site or application. The timeouts that can be specified in the config file are described below.

Session state timeout

Session state timeout specifies the amount of time until a user session is recycled. The user session is recycled regardless whether there are any ongoing user request or not. The session state timeout is always reset after every request.

<sessionState mode="inProc" timeout="45" cookieName="MySiteSession" />

Forms authentication timeout

The Forms authentication timeout specifies the amount of time (in minutes) that the authentication cookie is valid. Once the cookie expires, the user will no longer be authenticated.

The slidingExpiration option in forms authentication affects the behavior of the form authentication timeout. When set to True, the timer is reset each time the user makes new requests within the timeout value. In that case, the user will continue to be authenticated. Otherwise the cookie expires even if the user makes a request within the timeout value.

<authentication mode="Forms">
<forms loginUrl="~/login" protection="All" timeout="45" slidingExpiration="true" name="sinTest WebAdminAuth />

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