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Version: 4.4.0

Adapterflow activities

Activities are grouped after functionality. Available groups are: 

ConvertActivities related to converting and formatting.
Data activitiesThis group holds an extensive collection of activities for reading and writing data to and from different data sources such as ODBC databases, SQL server and SalesForce.
File systemActivities to monitor directories, reading data from files and writing data to files.
FTP(S)Activities to monitor FTP-directories and to download or upload files to FTP servers.
iCPSActivities related to iCore entities and iCore system.
MailActivities related to mail.
Microsoft MQActivities to communicate through Microsoft message queuing.
OtherMiscellaneous activities.
SFTPActivities to monitor SFTP-directories and to download or upload files to SFTP servers.
Websphere MQActivities to communicate with Ibm Websphere MQ
Web serviceActivities created from web service imports and activities related to web services.

IBM WebSphere® MQ is a registered trademark.

Microsoft MSMQ® is a registered trademark.