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Version: 4.4.0

Adapterflow Wizard

The Adapterflow Wizard is used to create Adapterflows.

To start the Adapterflow wizard

  1. Start iCore Administrator
  2. In the left-hand main tree view, select Definitions -> Adapterflows -> Add Adapterflow...

An Adapterflow must consist of an entry point and at least one activity. The Entry point decides whether the Adapterflow is trigger-based or event-based. The Entry point and each activity have configurable parameters, and the parameters from one activity may be used as in-parameter in the following activities. All activities have an indata stream and an outdata stream. The data flow is implicit between activities and need not be configured.

An Adapterflow is created through the following steps:

  1. Setting the Adapterflow properties.
  2. Selecting the Adapterflow Entrypoint.
  3. Configuring the Adapterflow Entrypoint.
  4. Adding and configuring activities.
  5. Setting the validity time.
  6. Saving the Adapterflow.