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Version: 4.4.0

Starting iCore tools

You can start any iCore tool (for example the System Administration tool, the Run Component tool or the Developer) directly from the Administrator if:

  • iCore Integration Suite (iCIS) has been installed locally (= on the computer running the browser that you use to access the Administrator). You also need to explicitly confirm that iCIS is installed locally:
    • In the App header area, click Settings.
    • Check the checkbox to confirm that iCore tools are installed locally.
  • You are logged on to the Administrator as a user which belongs to a user role which has access to iCore tools. For more information, see Manage access to iCore tools based on user roles.

If you try to start an iCore tool from a system which is not attached on the local iCIS installation, a dialog appears presenting you with a list of available systems.


The Settings data is placed in local storage and will remain even after the browser has been closed. However, if you clear all cookies and website data in your browser, the settings will be restored to their default values. In the case of the "iCore tools are installed locally" parameter, it will be restored to False.


If you attempt to start a tool and receive the error message "The supplied authentication token was invalid or has expired", you may need to modify the applicationTemporaryTokenValidity attribute in the SAS configuration file. For more information, see configure