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Version: 4.4.0


In the Systems tab you can attach and detach iCore systems to/from the local machine.


It is not possible to attach a new iCore system if the Administrator is connected to a System Access Service (SAS) which is not running on the local machine. To make the system available, you need to attach it on the machine where SAS is installed.

Attaching or detaching a system requires authentication with iCore credentials.

Attaching a system

To make an iCore system available, click the Attach button to display the Attach iCore System dialog. When you have filled in the settings fields, click Attach to attach the system.


If you want to configure the system to connect to an Always On Availability Group, do the following:

  1. Specify the Server as "tcp: alwaysonlisten, 1337"
  2. (Optional): Check the checkbox "Use multisubnet failover".
  3. Make sure to choose the database that has been set up with Always On Availability Group.

If an attached system uses Windows authentication when connecting to the system database (as opposed to SQL Server Authentication), the management service must run as an account with access rights to the iCore database of the system. For more information, see Database settings.

Re-attaching a system

In some situations, for example when Encryption has been activated, it is necessary to re-attach a local machine to a system. To re-attach a local machine, select the system and click the Re-attach button. Note that re-attaching a machine requires that you have access to the encryption password.

See also System settings.

Detaching a system

To detach a system from the machine, select the system from the list and click Detach. The iCore system is then deleted from the list in System Settings and from the tree-view in the main Administrator window.

Editing a system

To edit an iCore system, select the system from the list and click Edit. When you have edited setting, click Save, to save the changes. See also Database settings.