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Version: 4.4.0

Introduction to iCore Developer

All automatic procedures and tasks performed in iCore are controlled by Components. The iCore Developer allows users to create and add new functionality Components to iCore Administrator (to be configured and set to function in the run-time environment iCore Process Server) based on Scripts.

The Developer contains a Script editor, in which you describe your business processes. It is a powerful tool that allows the experienced user to describe any type of process in a dynamic way. This means that to have full impact in the whole iCore system, future updates need only be done in one place.

The Script editor can be accessed directly in iCore Developer, or from iCore Administrator.


The Developer module is recommended only for system developers or people with experience and knowledge of script language. Accessing the Script editor requires certain rights, which may cover full accessibility and rights to edit new, change or delete existing scripts or simply to view how the scripts are configured.

Creating standard Scripts

The working area for a standard Script consists of a function tab, an object tab, five section tabs and a main pane where you compose the Script.
In the script you use functions to describe the tasks to be performed in the iCore system. The functions are selected from the function list, but require parameter settings. A function with parameters is called a task.
The use of a function is limited to certain sections. The function 'Define variable', for example, may only be used in the Declare section.
The functions and parameters let you describe what to perform, but the Developer also allows you to define when to do it. This you do by setting up conditions for the tasks.

Creating structure definition Scripts

Translations in iCore are determined by the structure of the input data flows. The input data flows are described in detail in the Structure section of the Developer.
The main window for Structure definition scripts consists of a tree view and four list panes. The tree view displays described structures, and the three panes display records, composites and data elements in the structure.

Printing and Formatting

The Script editor in the Developer allows you to define Script printouts and to format the Script syntax.

See also

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