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Version: 4.4.0

Section Description

The iCore Developer contains the following sections:

DeclareThis is where you define all objects and variables to be used in a processing, for example variables, in- and outfiles, database connections etc. In the Declare dialog you also specify how to initiate each object.
InitInit section is executed when the Component is created.
Resource components are created when the service is started. So, for a resource component the Init section is executed on system startup.
Ordinary components are created when requested (depending on the Cache Options – pooling).
MainIn the Main section you describe the actual processing to be executed, by using the objects defined in the Define section. The Main section is executed every time the Component is called.
ProceduresHere you may define your own procedures. A procedure is used to structure a processing or to reuse parts of a processing.
StructureIn the Structure section you create mappings for imported structures (Standard Script ver. 2). See also About Structure Definitions.
On ExitThe OnExit section is called just before the Script is concluded and the allocation of the Component is terminated.