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Version: 4.4.0

Application pool

User rights required

Modifying this entity requires certain user authorization. For more information, see User Groups.

An Application pool defines the context in which a Job is executed. When a Component configuration is created, it is assigned at least one Application pool in which its Jobs will be executed.

Application pools must be implemented by a Server to be available at runtime.

Application pools can be used to isolate Component execution or to tune performance and manage resources by configuring different Component configurations to execute in different Application pools.

A system internal default Application pool ("Default") is defined from start.


CreatedDateTimeDate and time of the creation of the Application pool.
DescriptionStringBrief description of the Application pool.
IDGuidInternal ID of the Application pool.
ModifiedDateTimeDate and time of the latest modification of the Application pool.
NameStringName of the Application pool.
System internalBooleanSpecifies whether the entity is a built-in system entity (True)
or a customized application entity created to meet the requirements of the business flows (False). A system entity is read-only and cannot be deleted since it may be used by system script(s). New system entities can only be added by certified iCore personnel.

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