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Version: 4.4.0



Modifying this entity requires certain user authorization. For more information, see User Groups.

Categories are used to organize other entities. They can be built in hierarchies and are stored in tree-like structures which means that each category in the tree has a parent category. On the topmost level, the parent category is <none>.


CreatedDateTimeDate and time when the Category was created. Automatically generated by the system.
DescriptionStringBrief description of the Category.
Entity typeEntityTypeSpecifies the entity type. The property is Read-only and is only displayed in filter listings to identify the entity type. It can be used for example when filtering on entities with a filter containing an 'All' part. For more information, see Entity filters.
IDGuidThe entity ID of the Category. Automatically generated by the system.
ModifiedDateTimeDate and time of the latest modification of the Category. Automatically generated by the system.
NameStringThe full path of category. Each category in the path is separated by a "\" character.
The name of a category must be unique, which means that two categories with the same parent category cannot have identical Short names. The name cannot contain the "\" character.
Example: Adapters\B2B\TheAutomotiveCompany
Parent CategoryStringParent category (if any).
Short nameStringName of the category.
SystemInternalBooleanSpecifies whether the entity is a built-in system entity (True) or a customized application entity created to meet the requirements of the business flows (False). A system entity is read-only and cannot be deleted since it may be used by system script(s). New system entities can only be added by certified iCore personnel.