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Version: 4.4.0

Component configuration


Modifying this entity requires certain user authorization. For more information, see User Groups.

A Component configuration describes how and where a Component definition is executed at runtime. Several Component configurations can use the same Component definition.

Event types and Component configurations are used in Event configurations to describe the process flow.


Always run in new processBooleanSpecifies whether the service is to start a new process to execute the Component every time the Component is run. Does not apply to resource Components. Default: False
Application pool (Primary)IApplicationPoolSpecifies the primary Application pool in which the Component may execute.
Application pool (Secondary)IApplicationPoolSpecifies the secondary Application pool in which this Component may execute (may be left empty).If primary application pool is not implemented by any servers in current runtime session this Application pool will be used for execution of a Job on the Component configuration
CreatedDateTimeDate and time when the Component was created. Automatically generated by the system.
DefinitionComponentDefinitionThe Component definition for this configuration.
Definition caching timeTimeSpanSpecifies the time during which a Component definition is cached in a worker host during runtime. Only applicable for Workflow based Components. Specify "Infinite" or a negative value to prevent the Component from ever being unloaded from the cache.
Definition typeEntityTypeIdThe type of the Component definition. Can be either Script, Adapterflow or Workflow.
DescriptionStringThe description of the Component/Script.
Entity typeEntityTypeSpecifies the entity type. The property is Read-only and is only displayed in filter listings to identify the entity type. It can be used for example when filtering on entities with a filter containing an 'All' part. For more information, see Entity filters
Express Lookup IDGuidRead only property. An optional ID that may be used to refer to this Component configuration in an Express event.
This is available for backwards compatibility for v2.x systems.
IDGuidThe entity ID of the Component. Automatically generated by the system.
Init parametersStringThe parameters sent to the Component at initialization.
LifetimeJobLifetimeSpecifies the lifetime of Jobs running this Component. See also system Event __iCore_SystemStarted
Max concurrentInt32Specifies the maximum allowed concurrent running instances of this Component. Setting this property to zero means there is no limit to the maximum number of concurrently running instances of this Component.
Max restart attemptsInt32Specifies the maximum number of times the Component will be restarted if it terminates unexpectedly. Set this property to -1 or "infinite" to attempt an infinite number of restarts. Only applicable when Lifetime is set to Session. Default: 100
ModifiedDateTimeDate and time of the latest modification of the Node attribute. Automatically generated by the system.
NameStringThe name of the Component/Script.
Restart delay timeTimeSpanSpecifies the delay between restart attempts. Only applicable when Lifetime is set to Session. Default: 5 seconds.
System InternalBooleanSpecifies whether the entity is a built-in system entity (True) or a customized application entity created to meet the requirements of the business flows (False). A system entity is read-only and cannot be deleted since it may be used by system script(s). New system entities can only be added by certified iCore personnel.
Definition property

While it is possible to change to another Component definition after the Component configuration has been created, be careful when doing so.

Do not change this property while one or more servers in a clustered system are running. The change can cause unpredictable behavior.   

Lifetime property

Do not change this property while one or more servers in a clustered system are running. The change can cause unpredictable behavior.

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