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Version: 4.4.0

Component Definitions

Component definitions describe various processings that are used either in a Component configuration or as a sub-part of another Component definition (for example, a Workflow definition which invokes a Script definition).

There are four types of Component definitions:

All Component definitions require compilation.

There are some pre-defined Component definitions for the different parts of the iCPS run-time (see System defined Component definitions).

Component definition locks

Users that has the "Edit" permission on a Component definition type also has the right to lock Component Definitions of that type.

When a Component definition is locked, the following applies: 

  • The Component definition can only be edited or deleted by the User that locked it.  
  • The Component definition cannot be overwritten through an import (you will receive an error in the Import / Export tool).
  • The Component definition can only be compiled by the User that locked it.
  • The Component definition can only be unlocked by the User that locked it, or another User that has the permission "Release other users lock". For more information, see User Groups.

For information on how to lock or unlock a Component definition, see Creating and editing integration flows.

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