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Version: 4.4.0



Modifying this entity requires certain user authorization. For more information, see User Groups.

A Node is an information container for in- or outbound information flowing through an iCore system. Individual Nodes are used to identify and trace information at different stages in the process flow. The Node reveals what kind of information it contains at the present stage.

Every Node has meta data attached to it. The type of meta data is defined by the business flow using Component definitions. The user can also define any number of Node attributes.


CreatedDateTimeThe date the Node was created.
Entity typeEntityTypeSpecifies the entity type. The property is Read-only and is only displayed in filter listings to identify the entity type. It can be used for example when filtering on entities with a filter containing an 'All' part. For more information, see Entity filters.
IDGuidThe entity ID of the Node. Automatically generated by the system.
JobIJobThe Job that created the Node. This field can be empty.
ModifiedDateTimeDate and time of the latest modification of the Node. Automatically generated by the system.
NameStringThe name of the Node. This name is not unique.
Node TypeINodeTypeThe Node type of the Node.
Node Type VersionINodeTypeVersionThe Node type version of the Node.
PartnerIPartnerThe Partner associated with the Node.
RetainBooleanSet to True to keep Node from being deleted by Clean-up Tracking Workflow activity.


Two Nodes can relate to each other in the following ways: 

  • Association – A "loose" relation
  • Parent-child – A hierarchical relation

A relation between two Nodes always has a direction. There are no restrictions on how many relations of any type or direction a Node can have, except that:

  • A Node cannot reference itself.
  • There can only be one reference between two Nodes given a direction.

A Node can be referenced to by a Log entry.

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