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Version: 4.4.0

Entity versions

All iCore entities have a version number which corresponds to the iCore release in which the entity type was introduced or modified. The purpose of the version number is to make it easier to handle any compatibility issues that may occur when importing/exporting entities between systems running different versions of iCore.


  • A new entity type is introduced in iCPS v4.00 Update 1. The user will not be able to import any entities of this type to iCore systems running an earlier version (e.g. iCPS v4.00).
  • A new property is added to an entity type in iCPS v4.00 Update 2. The user will not be able to import any entities of this type and version to iCore systems running iCPS v4.00 Update 1.  

The entity version is not visible in the Administrator interface. If conflicts between entity versions occur, they are reported via dialog boxes during import/export, installation and system upgrade.