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Version: 4.4.0

System defined Component definitions

System defined component definitions are pre-defined Component definitions used in different server parts of iCore runtime (they are not available for use in Component configurations). Together with the System defined component configurations, the System defined component definitions enable detailed tracking and monitoring of iCore runtime.
There are also some System defined component definitions that are not a system server part, for example the Child Job definition that is used when a Tracking scope is created by a Component definition.

__iCore_WorkerHostManageriCore System Server Part 'Worker Host Manager'
__iCore_WorkerHostiCore System Server Part 'Worker Host'
__iCore_SystemEventProcessoriCore System Server Part 'System Event Processor'
__iCore_ServerMonitoriCore System Server Part 'Server Monitor'
__iCore_JobManageriCore System Server Part 'Job Manager'
__iCore_GenericComponentGeneric job for components not committed to system.
__iCore_EventProcessoriCore System Server Part 'System Processor'
__iCore_EventListeneriCore System Server Part 'Event Listener'
__iCore_EventGeneratoriCore System Server Part 'Event Generator'
__iCore_ChildJobGeneric child job / tracking scope.

All System component definitions are marked as Workflow definitions. However, it is not possible to view the Component definitions in the Workflow designer.

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