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Version: 4.4.0

Batch Import

Batch imports are performed by using the Cmdlet Import-iCoreEntity in the PowerShell Console. Import-iCoreEntity is designed to import previously exported iCore entities into a specified iCore system. For more information about iCore Cmdlets and the PowerShell Console, see PowerShell console.

A batch import requires:

  • A batch import response file (.xml)
    which defines what to be imported and how to manage entity conflicts that may occur. This file must be created. There are examples of response files provided with the iCore installation, located in ..\Program Files\iCore\ScriptImports\BatchImportFiles.

The iCore installation provides:

  • A batch import schema file (.xsd)
    which is an annotated schema file defining the syntax of the batch import response file. The schema file is located in ..\Program Files\iCore\Bin\Config\XML Schemas.

The batch import response file

Before performing a batch import, you must create the batch import response file. You may either create a new file or edit one of the provided examples.

The response file is to contain rules and conditions for the import. Each item in the export file is matched against the conditions of each rule, in document order. A rule will only be run if all associated conditions are fulfilled. Otherwise the next rule in the document is evaluated until a match is found. If no rule matches an item, an error is reported and the operation is aborted. Each rule specifies an action, and optionally a set of responses, which describes what will happen when the rule is run.

Some iCore entities have several import options, which are specified in the batch import response file. If you do not specify an option, the default value will automatically be applied.

For a detailed description of rules and conditions, see iCore batch import rules. For examples of batch import response file, see Batch import response file – examples.

Performing a batch import

To perform a batch import, run the CmdLet Import-iCoreEntity in the PowerShell Console.
The CmdLet has the following syntax:

Import-iCoreEntity [-SystemID] <Int32> [-Username] <String> [-Password] <String> 
[-FileName] <String> [[-BatchFile] <String>]
[[-TransactionTimeout] <Int32>] [[-DecryptionPassword] <SecureString>]
[-DryRun] [-WarningAction <ActionPreference>] [-WarningVariable <String>]
[-WhatIf] [-Confirm] [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed descriptions of all parameters are available in the PowerShell Console (type Get-Help Import-iCoreEntity).

Performs a batch import of the encrypted file MySystem.ieo into the iCore system with ID 1234, using user admin/admin to log on to the iCore system. The transaction timeout is set to 1200 seconds, the decryption password is "sm3llycat" and the batch import response file C:\ResponseFile.xml is used to control the batch import.

C:\PS> $password = ConvertTo-SecureString 'sm3llycat' -AsPlainText -Force
C:\PS> Import-iCoreEntity -SystemID 1234 -Username admin -Password admin -FileName C:\MySystem.ieo `
-TransactionTimeout 1200 -DecryptionPassword $password -BatchFile C:\ResponseFile.xml

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