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Version: 4.4.0

iCore PowerShell Console

iCore provides a number of Cmdlets that can be used to manage certain functions in iCore Integration Suite via PowerShell. Examples of functions performed by Cmdlets are: creating and updating systems, starting and stopping the service, importing and exporting systems and batch import.

To open the Powershell console, select Tools --> Open PowerShell Console on the main menu.


The menu option is enabled only if PowerShell is installed on the computer. PowerShell is included by default in Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, or later, but can be downloaded and installed manually on older version of Windows.

When opened, the PowerShell Console automatically lists the available iCore Cmdlets.

  • To view the list of iCore Cmdlets again, type: Get-iCoreCommands
  • To get detailed help about a specific Cmdlet, type: Get-Help \<name of Cmdlet>
    Get-Help Update-iCoreSystem
  • You may also add the flag -detailed or -full to get more information about each Cmdlet.
  • To view examples, type:
    Get-Help \<name of Cmdlet> -examples
    Example: Get-Help Get-ExportableiCoreEntity -examples

For more information about PowerShell, see Getting Started with Windows PowerShell (external link).

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