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Version: 4.4.0

Introduction to the Run Component Tool

The iCore Run Component Tool lets you execute a Component definition – a Script, an Adapterflow or a Workflow – on an iCore machine without interfering with the running system. You can use the tool to thoroughly test your Component definitions before they are deployed in a production environment, and make sure they run smoothly before you replace a previous version.

In Run Component Tool, you execute one definition at a time, making the conditions as close to the real environment as possible. After running the Component definition, you can check return values and return codes, read statistics and view the result in the Trace section. 

Run Component Tool is mainly used for testing new or updated Component definitions, or to run Component definitions from a .bat-file.

Starting the iCore Run Component Tool

iCore Run Component Tool can be started in several ways:

  • From the Windows Start menu
    iCore Run Component Tool can be found among the iCore applications in the Start menu. Open the application. From the Systems list, select the system which contains the Component definitions you want to test/execute and log on to the selected system.
  • From iCore Administrator
    Starting from the Administrator requires that you are already logged on to the system containing the Component definitions you want to test/execute. To start the tool, select Tools --> Run component tool from the main menu.
  • From Workflow designer
    When the Run Component tool is started from the Workflow designer, the edited Workflow is pre-selected in iCore Run Component Tool.

To execute Component definitions from the Command prompt, use the tool RunCompToolCL.exe. To get information about available command line parameters in the tool, use the following command:

RunCompToolCL.exe /?

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