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Version: 4.4.0


The runtime in iCore Integration Suite is called iCore Process Server (iCPS), and is responsible for the execution of Component definitions through Events and Jobs.

During execution, iCPS listens to and creates Events (internal or external). When an Event configuration matches the Event, the Component configuration is executed in the context of one or several Jobs. The Job in turn generates tracking entities like Nodes and Log entries.


It is possible to speed up execution by using Express events, which skip the entire selection process in the Event Configuration. Express events offer limited traceability. For more information, see Express events or iCore Events from iCore API.  

The runtime host is based on Microsoft Workflow Foundation 4.5. All Component definitions (Scripts, Adapterflows and Workflows) execute in the runtime host, and the host process supports simultaneous execution of Components. The same runtime host is used in both the service and in the Run component tool.


A modified and re-compiled Component definition will not run until the system is restarted. For more information, refer to the 'Last build active' property on Component definitions.

Runtime is implemented through a number of server parts that can be distributed to one or many Servers. Application pools make it possible to isolate the execution of Components in separate processes and to fine-tune where each Component executes to optimize performance.

The user can get an overview of runtime activities through the Tracking section in iCore Administrator.

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