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Version: 4.4.0

Upgrade Readiness Tool

The iCore Upgrade Readiness Check Tool checks your computer as well as your current iCore Installation (along with any attached system) for known issues that may prevent a successful upgrade of iCore Integration Suite.


There are some known issues that cannot be detected by the Upgrade Readiness Tool, but need to be handled manually. For more information, refer to the release notes for the iCore version in question.

To download and run the Upgrade Readiness Tool

  1. Go to

  2. Navigate to Downloads -> iCore Integration Suite -> iCore Upgrade Readiness Check Tool.

  3. Download and unpack the .zip file.


    Downloading the file requires that you sign in to your iCore account.

  4. Copy iCoreUpgradeReadinessCheckfile.exe to the computer running iCore Integration Suite.

  5. Run iCoreUpgradeReadinessCheckfile.exe.

  6. Take action on any errors or warnings in the report.

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