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Version: 4.4.0

Workflow activities – overview

Workflow activities are the parts that make up a Workflow definition. Some activities are delivered by iCore Solutions and others come from Microsoft. The Microsoft activities available out-of-the-box are listed in category Microsoft activities.

Among the Workflows are also a number of "templates", which can be described as a set of activities and variables that have been put together for a specific purpose. See for example File System Listener Ex Template.

Activity categories

AS2Activities for secure data transfer using the AS2 protocol.
ConvertConversion operations.
CryptographyActivities related to cryptographic services.
File systemFile operations. Activities to listen on file changes, rename file, open file, etc.
SFTP/FTPSFTP/FTP operations.
iCPSActivities for operating on iCore entities and iCore system. Settings, Partners, execution of entity filters and more.
Microsoft activitiesActivities available from within iCore that are created by Microsoft.
MiscMiscellaneous activities.
MSMQActivities for operations on Microsoft message queues (MSMQ).
StreamsStream operations. Reading and writing both text and binary data.
Web servicesInformation about adding web services to a Workflow.