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Version: 4.4.0

Introduction to the Workflow Designer

The Workflow designer is used to edit and create new Component definitions of type Workflow. The tool can be started from the Start menu or from iCore Administrator.

The Workflow designer provides a graphical representation of the Workflow XAML, which has several advantages:

  • You can quickly get an overview of what a particular Workflow is doing.
  • You can design a Workflow without in-depth knowledge of XAML code.
  • You can present the functionality of a Workflow to a person without a developer background.

Furthermore, the Workflow designer supports the user with intelliprompt when typing expressions, and continuously validates the expressions that are used.

Basic Workflow concepts

  • Variables are items that are assignable and usable within a scope. For more information, see Using scope activities in Using the Workflow Designer.
  • Arguments are objects that are sent into a Workflow.

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