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Version: 4.4.0

CertificateValidationErrorSuppression Enum

Namespace: iCore.Public.Crypto.X509Certificates
Assembly: iCore.Public.Crypto.dll

Specifies how certificates are to be validated. Multiple options from this enum can be combined.

public enum CertificateValidationErrorSuppression : int

Inheritance object 🡒 ValueType 🡒 Enum 🡒 CertificateValidationErrorSuppression


AcceptSelfSigned16Allow self signed certificates
Default0Apply all certificate security checks.
Disable255Disable all checks.
IgnoreCA2Accept otherwise valid certificate if Certificate Authority Root is not known.
IgnoreDate1Accept otherwise valid certificate if date has expired.
IgnoreKeyUsage32Allows certificates to have an allowed usage different from the one it is actually being used as.
IgnoreName8Accept otherwise valid certificate if name (CN) does not match the host name
IgnoreSignature4Accept otherwise valid certificate if signature cannot be verified