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Version: 4.4.0

ICertificate Interface

Namespace: iCore.Public.Crypto.X509Certificates
Assembly: iCore.Public.Crypto.dll

Represents an X.509 certificate.

public interface ICertificate : IProvidesImplementation

Implements IProvidesImplementation


FriendlyNameGets the display name of the certificate.
CanEncryptGets a value indicating whether the certificate can be used for encryption.
CanSignGets a value indicating whether the certificate can be used for signing.
HasPrivateKeyGets a value indicating whether this certificate contains a private key.
SerialNumberGets the serial number of this certificate.
IssuerGets the distinguished name of the certificate issuer.
SubjectGets the subject distinguished name from the certificate.
ValidFromGets the date in UTC on which a certificate becomes valid.
ValidToGets the date in UTC after which a certificate is no longer valid.
ThumbprintGets the thumbprint of the certificate.


ToX509Certificate()Gets a .NET X509Certificate2 representation of this instance.


The class Certificate contains various static methods for finding certificates in a system store. The CertificateSystemStore class is also available for working with certificates in a system store.

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