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Version: 4.4.0

ICertificateValidationConfiguration Interface

Namespace: iCore.Public.Crypto.X509Certificates
Assembly: iCore.Public.Crypto.dll

Defines configuration options for the validation of X509 certificates.

public interface ICertificateValidationConfiguration : IProvidesImplementation

Implements IProvidesImplementation


RequirementSuppressionGets or sets options controlling suppression of certain certificate validation violations. Multiple values of the CertificateValidationErrorSuppression enum may be combined.
OptionsGets or sets various options the control the validation process.
RevocationCheckPreferenceGets or sets the revocation check preference that determines the preferred way of performing certificate revocation checks.
RevocationMomentGracePeriodGets or sets the revocation moment grace period in seconds. Grace period allows the certificate revocation information to propagate through the revocation process. The default value is 60 (1 minute).