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Version: 4.4.0

IXmlSignatureValidationResult Interface

Namespace: iCore.Public.Crypto.Xml
Assembly: iCore.Public.Crypto.dll

Represents the result of the verification of an XML document digital signature.

public interface IXmlSignatureValidationResult


SignatureTypeGets the type of the signature.
SignatureMethodTypeGets the type of the signature method.
CanonicalizationMethodGets the canonicalization method used when signing the document.
KeyNameContains the name of the key as specified in the XML signature, if any. May be null.
SignerCertificateGets the the certificate used to create the signature if included in the XML Document, or null otherwise.
SignerKeyMaterialGets the public key material (if any) that was included in the XML signature.
IsCertificateValidGets a value indicating whether validation of the certificate was successful. This value will be false if no certificate was present.
IsSignatureValidGets a value indicating whether the signature itself is valid.
AreReferencesValidGets a value indicating whether the references of the XML document are valid.
IsKeyDataNeededGets a value indicating whether key data needs to be supplied to validate the signature. This will be true if the XML document does not contain any key data, and none was supplied at the time of verification.
WasValidationSuccessfulGets a value indicating whether the certificate, signature and references are all valid.