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Version: 4.4.0

EntityType Enum

Namespace: iCore.Public.Entities
Assembly: iCore.Public.Entities.dll

Specifies the type of an entity instance.

public enum EntityType : int

Inheritance object 🡒 ValueType 🡒 Enum 🡒 EntityType


AdapterFlow26An Adapterflow component definition.
ApplicationPool58An Application pool.
Assembly54An Assembly.
Category53A Category.
ComponentConfiguration10A Component configuration.
CompositeEntity52A Composite entity, only used for denoting the entity type contained in composite filters.
Counter14A Counter.
CrossReferenceTable13A Cross reference table.
Event19An Event.
EventHandler11An Event handler, also known as Event configuration.
EventType6An Event type.
Favorite61A user favorite in admin
Filter30A entity filter.
ImportedAssembly67An Imported assembly.
Job59A Job.
LogEntry20A Log entry.
Node18A Node.
NodeAttributeType4A Node attribute.
NodeAttributeValue39A value of a Node attribute of a Node.
NodeType2A node type definition.
NodeTypeVersion3A node type version definition.
None0An unknown or unspecified entity type.
Partner16A Partner.
PartnerAttributeGroupInstance81A partner attribute instance
PartnerAttributeGroupType32A Partner attribute group definition.
PartnerAttributeType7A partner attribute group definition member.
PartnerAttributeValue36A Partner attribute value for a Setting.
Project56A Project, internal use only.
Script1The script entity type.
Server9A iCore system Server.
Setting17A Setting.
SettingAttributeGroupInstance80A setting attribute group instance
SettingAttributeGroupType33A Setting attribute group definition.
SettingAttributeType8A Setting attribute group type member.
SettingAttributeValue22A Setting attribute value for a Setting.
SourceFile57A Source file, internal use only.
SystemQueue60A System queue, internal use only.
SystemSettingSection69A System setting section.
Timer12A Timer.
User15A User.
UserGroup38A User group.
WebApi66A Web API component definition.
WebServiceClient31A Web service client.
ViewModeFilter70A view mode filter
Workflow55A Workflow component definition.