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Version: 4.4.1

Installing and configuring SAS


The System Access Service is included as a optional feature when you install the iCPS binary files.


The SAS configuration file (iCoreSASvc.config) is located under %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\iCore Solutions\iCPS\SystemAccessService. 

The attributes in the configuration file can be set according to the tables below.


Once the configuration file has been modified and saved, you need to restart the iCore System Access Service.

You can set the following attributes for the administration element:

Attribute nameTypeDescription
cacheCleanupIntervalTimeSpanSpecifies the duration between cleaning the SAS caches. Default is 30 seconds (00:00:30). The minimum value is 1 second. It is normally not necessary to modify this option.
sessionTimeoutTimeSpanSpecifies the timeout for a session between the web application and the data access server. If the session remains unused for the specified amount of time, it will be abandoned and the user will have to log in again. The default is 30 minutes (00:30:00). The minimum allowed value is 1 second.
For more information, see Timeouts in Administrator.
systemStateQueryCacheLifetimeTimeSpanSpecifies the maximum duration to keep a cached system state query. The default is 2 minutes (00:02:00). The minimum allowed value is 1 second (00:00:01).
queryFileCacheDirectoryStringSpecifies the full path to a directory where SAS will store entity filter query caches. This location should have enough space to store the caches, which may vary in size depending on the amount of data in the system and the number of simultaneous users of the web application. The process under which the SAS is running must have write permissions to this directory. The default is to put it under the iCPS\DasFQ directory under the default system temporary path.
largeStreamTransferTimeoutTimeSpanSpecifies the timeout for a large stream transfer. Large data is transferred in chunks between SAS and the web client, this denotes the maximum time to keep such a query active after the client last accessed it.
filterQueryCacheLifetimeTimeSpanSpecifies the maximum duration to keep cached filter query data after it was last accessed. The default is 10 minutes (00:10:00).
queryStatusUpdateIntervalTimeSpanSpecifies the time between a filter query status update. The default is 250 milliseconds (00:00:00.250) and the minimum is 50 milliseconds (00:00:00.05). This value does not normally need to be modified.
applicationTemporaryTokenValidityTimeSpanSpecifies the validity time of the token that is required to start tools from the Administrator. Default value is 30 seconds (00:00:30). The minimum allowed value is 1 second, maximum is 10 minutes (00:10:00).

The workerHostManager element is an optional element which can contain the following attribute:

Attribute nameDescription
maxWorkerProcessCountAn integer that specifies the maximum number of concurrent worker host processes.

Example configuration

The example shows how to configure SAS with cacheCleanupInterval set to 20 seconds, sessionTimeout set to 10 minutes and applicationTemporaryTokenValidity set to 45 seconds.

<workerHostManager maxWorkerProcessCount="3" />
<administration cacheCleanupInterval="00:00:20"

Advanced configuration

Since the communication between the Administrator site and SAS uses WCF, it is sometimes desirable to make additional adjustments of the content under the \<system.serviceModel> element of the configuration file. To modify the configuration (for example adding or removing endpoints), use the SAS Powershell cmdlets.  

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