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Version: 4.4.1

Installation components

An overview of the various components that make up iCore Integration Suite.

When you install iCore Integration Suite you need to consider where to install the following components:

  • iCore Process Server (iCPS) – the runtime component in iCore Integration Suite, required to process integration flows.
  • Administrator website – provides the Administrator user interface for iCore systems. It can be installed from the main iCPS install file or a separate installation file (InstallAdmin.msi).
  • System Access Server (SAS) – a Windows service from which the Administrator retrieves data. SAS is installed as an optional feature in the main iCPS install file.

    A single Administrator site can be connected to several System Access Services, and each SAS can connect to one or several iCore systems. However, each computer can run one (and only one) instance of SAS. For more information about how the different applications and services communicate, see Services.

  • SAS proxy (optional) – A service which can be installed on a web server in an external network or DMZ, with the purpose to create a secure connection with the System Access Service on the internal network.
  • SQL server – the database is required to store data from your iCore systems.

Whether you decide to install the different components on the same machine or on separate machines depends on your demands on security, access, performance and redundancy.


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