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iCore Packages

iCore Packages contain packaged functionality that helps you quickly set up standardized integration solutions.

Downloading iCore packages

  • All iCore packages can be downloaded from the iCore Portal.

Installing iCore packages

  • To install a package, import the .ieo file using the Import-Export tool.
  • For information on how to set up and use the packages, refer to each respective package topic. 

Available packages

This list contains the packages available for iCore Integration Suite v4.xx.


Some of the packages may require a license fee depending on your iCore license model. See 'Terms of use' in the table below.

CategoryPackage titleDescriptionTerms of use
GeneraliCPS 4.xx - _iCPS_CommonBasic modules for daily system maintenance, general error handling, etc.

Download and install the Common package before using any other packages. The Common package contains entities that are required for other packages to work.
iCPS 4.xx - _iCPS_DataExportEnables batch export of database data.Free
iCPS 4.xx - _iCPS_DataFormatsContains Node Types and Node Type Versions defined by iCore.Free
iCPS 4.xx - _iCPS_ESB TemplatesTemplates for ESB processing.Free
iCPS 4.xx - _iCPS_TemplatesLatest version of 'Script Import\Templates'.Free
iCPS 4.xx - iCore ReportingiCore Reporting Client, Server and documentation.Req. license
iCPS 4.xx - iCore IsAliveMakes it possible to set up an alarm function based on "isalive"-messages sent to a central server.Req. service level agreement.
iCPS 4.xx - iCPS_UtilitiesModules for entity filter processing, tracking page customization and attachment processing. Free
iCPS 4.xx - _iCPS_DeltaContains functionality which lets you identify differences between two XML files. Free
EDI/B2BiCPS 4.xx - _iCPS_B2BiCore B2B Adapter package.Req. license
iCPS 4.xx - _iCPS_AutomotiveMappings for automotive Global messages.Req. license
iCPS 4.xx - _iCPS_TradingMappings for (ESAP20) trading messages.Req. license
CommunicationiCPS 4.xx - _iCPS_PostenFTPCommunication with Swedish Mail via FTP.Free
iCPS 4.xx - _iCPS_SNTSecure communication between Trusted and DMZ.Free
iCPS 4.xx - _iCPS_StrålforsFTPCommunication with Strålfors via FTP.Free
iCPS 4.xx - _iCPS_GFCContains functionality for sending and receiving files in a standardized way.Free
iCPS 4.xx - _iCPS_VLTraderCommunication using VLTrader.Free
SAPiCPS 4.xx - _iCPS_SAPStructure definitions for a number of IDOC types.Free
Infor M3/MovexiCPS 4.xx - _iCPS_M3 InitiatorsTemplates for M3 and Movex Initiators and Streamfiles.Free
ExamplesiCPS 4.xx - _iCPS_Script_SamplesContains various Scripts that demonstrate iCore Script functionality.Free
For backwards compatibility onlyiCPS 4.xx - Script AdaptersiCPS 2.52 - Script Adapters version 2.11Free
iCPS 4.xx - _iCPS_API2WSHostCan be used to host the iCore API web service without Internet Information Services (IIS).Free
iCPS 4.xx - _iCPS_UtilitiesVarious utility functions, for example RunAsSingle, TrackingNodeStatistics.Free