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iCPS Script Samples

The package contains a number of samples that demonstrate Script functionality in iCore.

Sample nameDescription
Date_example_1Demonstrates how to convert date formats.
Directory_LDAP_Example_1Lists a LDAP directory.
File_Scan_Example_1Scans a folder for files.
Filename_Change_Trigger_To_Node_example_1Creates a file system watcher that reads files into iCore as soon as they are being renamed.
FileSystemWatcher_Example_1Shows how to create a file system watcher in a Script.
FileSystemWatcher_Example_2Shows how to create a file system watcher in a Script.
FTP_Example_1Shows how to upload and download a file to an FTP server.
HTTP_Get_Example_1Shows how to use the HTTP Objects in iCore.
HTTP_TriggerToNode_Example_1A Script that creates an HTTP server and processes messages as soon as they come in.
Mail_Example_1Shows how to send and receive mail with SMTP & POP objects.
MSMQ_Example_1Demonstrates how to send and receive messages via MSMQ.
MSMQ_Example_2Demonstrates how to send and receive messages via MSMQ.
MSMQTriggertoNodeA Script that listens on a Queue and creates a Node as soon as something arrives on the queue.
Node_Example_1Shows how to create a Node and add relations to it.
Send_SMS_Example_1Shows how to send an SMS from iCore using
SetByteOrderMark_Example_1Shows how to create a file with a specific byte order mark.
SQL_Example_1Opens a record set and demonstrates how to loop through it.
StripString_XML_Example_1Rebuilds an xml file and removes extra spaces.
X509_CheckStoreValidityAndUpdate_Example_1Finds a certificate in a store -> checks the validity of the certificate -> checks the certificate against a rejection list.
X509_EncryptedEmail_Example_1Uses a certificate in the store to encrypt and send an email.