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Posten FTP


Download and install the Common package before using any other packages. The Common package contains entities that are required for other packages to work.


Using this functionality also requires an agreement/contract with Posten.

The Posten FTP package facilitates communication with Posten (Swedish mail) via FTP. The package uses an entity filter to decide which Nodes are ready to be sent.

If the Allow downloads attribute is set to 'Y', Posten FTP first tries to download file(s) from a specified folder on the FTP site, and store the files in one or several Nodes. When the download procedure is complete, the package attempts to upload all Nodes with Node attribute _iCPS_Posten Ftp Com Status = 'Queued'. If the upload attempt is successful, the Node attribute is updated to 'Upload ok'.


You can use the procedure calls CallbackOnFileReceivedOK and CallbackOnFileSentOk from the main Script to perform specific actions on received or sent Nodes.

Setting attributes

The package is configured with the following Setting attributes:

Allow downloadsAllow the package to download files from the FTP site (Y/N)
Create eventEvent to create on downloaded Node.
Node typeNode type on downloaded Node.
Node type versionNode type version on downloaded Node.
PasswordPassword on FTP server.
PortThe FTP communication port (default: 21).
ServerFTP server name.
Server directoryServer directory to scan.
TimeoutTimeout in milliseconds.
UserUser on FTP server.
Write trace to logY/N